3 Easy Ways To Get a Business Loan When You’re Cash Poor

When you’re low on money or dealing with a tight cash flow situation in your business, the first thing you want to do is find a way to get a loan. That loan can be enough to get you back on your feet and give your business the money it needs to grow and thrive. Unfortunately, many lenders expect you to make a down payment on each business loan that you apply for. When money is tight and you don’t have a down payment in place, you still have options. You just need to think outside the box. Here are a few simple ways to get the money you need.

Apply for a Line of Credit

Believe it or not, your business can apply for a line of credit similar to your personal credit card. These credit lines are often easier to qualify for than standard loans and you’re able to use them for as long as you need. As long as your personal credit score is high and your business’s cash flow is relatively consistent, you’ll be able to qualify. Once you get your credit line, you’ll be able to use the money as you see fit. There’s no down payment required.

Factor Your Outstanding Invoices

If your business relies on invoices to get paid, you can use your outstanding invoices to secure a cash advance. This advance is like a short-term loan that you pay back in full once your clients pay the invoice. The invoices themselves act as your collateral or down payment on the advance so you won’t have to worry about draining your savings just to qualify. Keep in mind that some factoring companies charge high fees for their services. If you can, shop around and get quotes from several companies before choosing one to partner with.

Finance Large Purchases

If you’re looking for a loan to buy a specific piece of equipment, you may be able to finance the purchase with an equipment loan rather than a traditional business loan. Many equipment dealers offer in-house financing and will use the equipment itself as collateral for the loan. If you default, they’ll be able to take possession of the equipment to settle your debt. These loans often have higher interest rates than traditional bank-issued loans, but they’re easier to qualify for.

Getting a business loan when you don’t have cash on hand for a down payment is still possible. Try these three methods and you’ll be able to get the financing you need quickly.