Healthcare Financing

Come To Us for Generous Healthcare Financing

Economic downturns are challenging for every industry, but they can be particularly strenuous for the healthcare and medical industries. That’s why here at PeakStream Capital, we are trying to get the word out about our generous healthcare financing program. It’s intended to help all types of healthcare professionals—from dentists to veterinarians—meet their financial obligations and goals. Frequently, our approved applicants put the funds toward equipment, practice expansion and enriching their practices.

Program Details

Our healthcare financing is associated with a variety of benefits. Here are some you should know about.

  • No requirement for upfront payments
  • Terms as long as 72 months
  • No reporting of loans to personal credit bureaus
  • Simple, application-only process for loans lower than $75,000
  • Full financials required for any loan amount over $75,000

You can put our loans toward debt consolidation, practice improvement or anything else that your practice requires to continue providing optimal care.

Practice Acquisitions

In addition to improving your current practice with help from our working capital source, you can also use the money to acquire one or more existing practices. You can also use the funds to buy out one of your partners, if you prefer.

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Are you ready to find out how our healthcare financing can benefit your practice? Contact us today and we’ll send an application right over.